Who We Are

The InterChurch Bureau (ICB) is an ecumenical group that monitors taxation, finance, risk management, and property issues of common concern to all member churches.ICB aims to facilitate:Engagement between churches on areas of common interest, particularly in relation to changes in government policy, legislation, regulation or common law that may have a compliance focus or affect the business operations of the churches.Advocate to central and local Government on behalf of churches, to ensure that the needs of churches are taken into account.ICB works to:Assess the impact of proposed changes and communicate these to members;Obtain legal advice and opinions where necessary;Influence the policy work programme by engaging with government departments, when current or proposed legislation is likely to limit the mission of church;Influence officials by engaging at the policy level, through providing feedback on discussion papers released by government departments, submissions on Bills, appearance at Select Committee Hearings;Monitor Court decisions and communicate impact;Share ways that Churches are responding to law changes, e.g. implementation of changes to Financial Reporting requirements.Activities include:
Monitoring of Parliamentary Bulletins, Bills, Acts, Regulations, Officials papers, Law Commission reports, Rulings and Tax cases and assessing the consequent economic benefits and/or disadvantages;Engagement with relevant government departments or Crown Entities, such as but not limited to:IRD;MBIE;XRB;Reserve Bank;Financial Markets Authority;Internal Affairs (especially Charities Services);Heritage NZ;Local Authorities.
Our HistoryThe Inter Church Working Party on Taxation (ICWPT) was established in 1988 by the coming together of the Christian churches in New Zealand, to speak with one voice against proposed Government changes to taxation, especially with regard to the charitable sector.In 1999 the AllChurches Bureau (ACB) was formed out of the ICWPT to monitor insurance, risk management and property issues.In 2010 the AllChurches Bureau established the registered company, AllChurches Services Ltd (ASL), to provide savings to member churches through bulk buying opportunities.The InterChurch Bureau (ICB) is an ecumenical group that continues the work of the ICWPT, monitoring taxation and finance issues. From 1 June 2015 the ICB took on the role of  monitoring risk management and property issues of common concern to all member churches, previously undertaken by the AllChurches Bureau. The ICB will act as the parent body and shareholder of AllChurches Services Ltd (ASL), providing a workable solution can be found to resolve the shareholding situation with member churches.The AllChurches Bureau (ACB), through its separate company the AllChurches Insurance Bureau Ltd (ACIB), will focus on joint insurance placement for church entities, working to provide savings opportunities and benefits in insurance provision.
Our Members´╗┐The InterChurch Bureau is open to any nationally recognised movement of churches or para-church organisations, who embrace theological adherence to a Trinitarian affirmation of the Godhead and adhere to the Apostles Creed